Ann Arbor, MI


I'm Namho

Current [second year] MSc in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.

Incoming NVIDIA ML engineer 2024

NLP Research @LIT


My passion lies in conducting rigorous and salient research in developing tangible software applications to address true user needs and issues. I thoroughly enjoy tackling complex problems through an interdisciplinary manner whilst evaluating the efficacy in a scientific approach.

During my free time, I enjoy power/weight-lifting and practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu.

OpenCV + Android Studios + TensorFlow Lite


As part of my undergraduate capstone thesis project, I decided to build a navigation application utilising the ingenuity of ant navigation for the blind and visually impaired. Awarded the best project prize and CASM award, click here to watch the presentation !

Android Studios + Augmented Reality SDK + NLU model

Appliance Helper

Android application to study the efficacy of various modalities in delivering instructional information over voice and augmented reality.

HuggingFace + PyTorch


Fined-tuned RoBERTa masked language model developed for the Microsoft Sentence Completion Challenge.